Property management

We offer full-spectrum services to manage any type of property. Our specialists will take care of marketing, contracting, and day-to-day tasks. Everything you need, you can find by joining with our company who is offering any type of operation, maintenance and oversight services and solving any problem you may be dealing with.

Our services could be used for something small like an apartment and for an entire building:

  • Marketing the property;
  • Finding a tenant for your property;
  • Preparation of the tenancy contract;
  • Tenancy contract registration in Ejari System;
  • Rent and security deposit collection in the form of cheques and cash on behalf of the landlord;
  • Banking Security deposit and Postdated Cheques;
  • Arranging move-in of the tenant;
  • Arranging move-out the tenant;
  • Arranging cleaning, maintenance and repairs as per the quotation approved by Landlord. Doesn’t apply for emergency cases;
  • Re-marketing and management of vacant units between the tenancy contracts;
  • Counsel and assistance with rental disputes;
  • Payments of service charges, repairs, utility bills and etc;
  • Yearly report.

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